I am the oldest of eight children; growing up in a big family was...well...interesting. But to this day we get along great!


I am married and we have four children and two white, fluffy dogs...(and we used to have hermit crabs, scorpions, bugs and cats) We live in a beautiful part of the country and we love our life!


This is Toto and Mimi!


This is what I used to look like - a long, long time ago! you gotta love them glasses; very retro!

I love science-fiction, contemporary Jazz, a good coffee and hanging out with all kinds of people - I have been in the 'people business' all of my life, and my passion is to make life better for others (I have been a minister, wedding celebrant, musician, and also entertained at weddings, clubs and corporate events).

My passion is capturing you and your life’s moments...your face, your partner, your wedding day, your family, and your babies.

If you feel that I can help you capture your life’s moments, go ahead and click on the contact page – I would love to hear from you!