beautiful Frankie

April 2, 2015

Late last year I photographed Frankie, 'cute as a button' which means "adorable, cute, charming, attractive, almost always with the connotation of being small, and therefore extra cute" Haha, I love that! That description fits her very well indeed...

Even though she was photographed in Hervey Bay and it was full-on summer, she still needed to be covered over frequently as she got cold very quickly because she had very little 'padding'...

Frankie has two beautiful sisters who are so thrilled to have another little sister. On another blog you can see their family was so lovely to see the affection these girls have for little Frankie. It sure was fun to photograph her, and she is cuteness all over! 

Seriously, I just l.o.v.e.d photographing this little one...check out mum and Frankie :)


Don't you just love the connection between Frankie and mummy...cute ey?


We put her in this material and made a hammock effect...the idea was that she would be sleeping soundly...snug as a bun in a rug...yeah, right! Who are you kidding, mr photographer??


Here are the girls...



 ...and here is daddy...


 You are one cute little baby, Frankie xx