Why can't I look like that?

May 23, 2014

I hear it every now and then from women when they see my glamour photos: 'why can't I look like this? It's alright for them because they are pretty/have nice skin/ have a perfect body, etc etc.'

So I thought I would write about it and dispel this myth that 'it is others that look so beautiful, but not me'

I don't necessarily like the pitch about the 'before and after' photos that we see so often. It somehow seems to portray that you are ordinary and unattractive in the 'before' shot, and transformed into a beautiful princess in the 'after' shot...

We all look pretty 'average' without makeup and stunning dresses (although I am a man, so haven't used makeup in a while..and don't wear dresses - just in case you were wondering!) We get busy with work, our kids, our budgets and the bills we need to pay. Frankly, we dont have time to look glamorous! There are kids to feed and get ready for school, house chores and washing to do, then help with the kids homework, prepare dinner, and the list goes on and on..

One thing I do know however, is that women want to look and feel beautiful. They want to feel special and would love to be pampered - have some 'time out' and spend it just for themselves.

There is no single reason why you cannot look beautiful, gorgeous and stunning; no matter who you are! If you would take time to have some nice makeup and hair done, put on that beautiful dress that you love, and the let your personality shine and smile through your eyes...you will be amazed how your images will turn out!

Below are two images of two women who are busy mums, wives and run successful businesses. They both have fantastic, animated personalities. They are real, genuine and have a strong desire to help others as well. My point is that there are so many of you like that! 

Take some time out (just like these two girls did), and enjoy being photographed and receiving beautiful images. I guarantee it - you will look beautiful.

If you would like this experience and being photographed this way, please call 0412839530 or email robert@robertcommandeur.com.au - I would love to hear from you.



Hair and makeup by Emily Wilson.

www.makeemup.com.au or find her on facebook: www.facebook.com/MakeEMup 

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