The Harbisons

September 22, 2014

I have worn glasses for most of my life - since I was about 7 years old. And during that time, I have seen an Optometrist or two. You may think what that has to do with this beautiful family...well, John is an excellent Optometrist - as a matter of fact, the best we have had actually.

During one appointment, he showed me a few photos of his kids which were a few years old. Now I have a passion to make sure that parents have beautiful up to date images of their children; after all, when your house burns down (hypothetically speaking of course), photographs are one thing that we do not want to lose.

So John gave me the priviledge to photograph his family...and here they are!




Here are the lads...


What a beautiful girl! ...and full of beans :)




Yep, this family is full of was an absolute pleasure to photograph them.

If you live in the Bundaberg area and you are looking for the best Optometrist, go and check out Harbison Optometrists, at 7 Barolin Street.






Posted by melissa commandeur on
You are the best photographer everrrrr. Love these pics :)
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