How Can I Look Good in a Photo

July 9, 2012

We all want to look great in a photo, don't we? How is it that some photos look like 'snapshots', while others look fantastic!

 Well, there are a number of reasons for this:

FIRST, and the most important (I think) is that you need to be 'chilled' - as in: relaxed, having fun and not being scared or even aware of the camera and lens pointing at you:)

It is so funny; as soon as people have an awareness they are being photographed, their face goes all funny and unnatural - they smile, but it is just not real. If you want to look great, just be natural

SECOND, be confident! I have mentioned previously that so many (if not most) people think they are not photogenic - even though some could earn a living from being a model. Isn't it strange how people have a negative self-image? That is because we compare ourselves with the heavily over-photoshopped unrealistic images in the magazines or publications that we read. When you are confident, you will have a twinkle in your eye and a GREAT expression. If you want to look great, be confident in yourself 

THIRD, choose a good photographer! There are like a gazillion photographers out there and taking a technically good picture is not really that hard to do. What sets photographers and great photographers apart, is their creativity. That's right, it is how the photographer sees you!

You can tell a great photographer by how the subject (i.e. you) is placed in front of the camera. Some people simply look stunning because of the way the photographer sees things. By the way, good photographers may cost a little more, but it is definitely worth the investment...

So, how can you look great in a photo? Be natural, confident, and choose a good photographer!

Here are my good friends Sam and Rachel... 


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