November 11, 2014

Jennifer is one amazing lady - full of beans and a lot of fun. It was an absolute pleasure to photograph her!

She had rung me a little while ago and was keen to be photographed...this girl obviously loved her hubby's bike, so we started with that:)



Now I was pretty amazed at how she could be photographed in so many different expressions. It is a joy to photograph someone who is comfortable with who they are. You know, there is so much more to an image than just having a camera and pressing the shutter. As time goes by I am certain that eqiupment has not so much to do with it. It is how the photographer relates to the person and how comfortable that person is. It is one thing to take a picture, it is another where the expression of the person is truly caught - maybe not always seen, but there nevertheless...and when that moment happens, I am truly in my happy place!





It was a real joy doing this! Thanks Jennifer, it was a blast :)

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