gotta love 'em!

February 25, 2013

I love kids!

Kids...they come in all shapes, sizes and colours; full of fun, energy, imagination and a zest for life! Photographing them is a lot of fun - when they pull those funny faces and just being themselves, or blowing bubbles or twirling their hair... 

Kids smile a lot...


 Sometimes they twirl their hair... 


 ...or imagine themselves as Bond...James Bond...


 Kids REALLY like to blow bubbles a lot!


 And sometimes they just like to hug trees...


 But the best place to be is safe on daddy's shoulder...


We have four children ourselves; some have grown up and are married, while our two youngest are still at home...I dont know about you, but I hope I never lose the 'freshness' of a child's mind. Staying creative, optimistic, having fun while being genuine and real. Perhaps we lose a little bit of that every now and then as we grow older, and life's responsibilities and stress sometimes takes it's toll...

Photographing your children will ensure that those precious memories stay with you, even though they get older (much faster then we think!)

Feel free to contact me; I would love to capture your kids (on my camera of course)...


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