Kim Thomsen Mother Daughter Exhibition

January 3, 2017

It was a real pleasure to film Kim Thomsen's 'a mother, a daughter, and a camera' exhibition. Kim photographed her daughter Tilly over a period of eighteen months. In Kim's own words: "We have experienced unforgettable laughs, crazy mishaps, a few injuries, many disagreements but a whole lot of mother/Daughter bonding throughout this journey together over the past eighteen months" 

Kim has a great heart for the young people in Maryborough and wanting to provide opportunities for teenagers to be confident in who they are. In her own words:

"I am using this exhibition, as a platform to show my community that they have a local professional that will provide a photographic experience that will tell the individual 'story of you'. Participants can step out of their comfort zones, without judgement, to play a role in front of the camera that shows their personality, their quirks, their interests or just what makes them unique. This can be a very empowering experience, so I will be targeting the teenage market to try my best to help kids today to feel confident in their own skin. These 'one of a kind' creative photo shoots will allow participants to escape from normal life for a while."

Kim is a great photographer and I would highly recommend her - you will not be disappointed. Check it out:)

 I know Kim and her beautiful family personally and they are down to earth, real people. Some time ago, I had the privilege of filming their family at home. Thank you Kim for allowing me to film bits and pieces of your life; it is a wonderful privilege x


If you would like to contact Kim to have a photoshoot like she has done with Tilly, you can find her here

The Exhibition was held at Gatakers Art Space and you can find them here