April 25, 2013

I had the privilege of photographing this group, and we had a lot of fun! They certainly are a very colorful bunch and you can really see the mateship and camaraderie among them, it was a joy to watch them have a good time…




Gin Gin is about 51km west of Bundaberg, QLD

The Gin Gin SES has been operating since 1974 and currently has about 25 members. They service the Kolan Shire (before it became Bundaberg Regional Council), places like Gin Gin, Wallaville, Gaeta, Goodnight Scrub, Morganville, Horsecamp, Boolbonda, Bungadoo, Damascus and Lake Monduran…(there would be a few more, but you get the idea)

On the 22nd of April this year, eight of them were awarded the National Emergency Medal because of their work during the 2010-11 floods that took place in our area. Also, many of you would know about the January 26th floods this year that inundated parts of Bundaberg. So many people have gone through hardship, property damage and loss, but these people were on the scene, helping out where they could and offering assistance. They rescued families by boat, helping to evacuate people from problem areas, as well as organizing food distribution and supplies

They also offer support in accidents, road accidents, truck rollovers and searches. They assist police/ambulance/ fire & rescue, with traffic management, they do chainsaw work when storms uproot trees, and they even rescue animals; not to mention repairing storm damaged roofs…

What I find so incredible is that all members of Gin Gin SES are volunteers and as such do not receive any payment for their services

Here are some of the characters…










Gin Gin SES, we the public, salute you and THANK YOU for your wonderful community support, and the many hours of your time to help others!