Bundaberg Wedding video - Nathan and Natalie...married!

May 2, 2017

We just loved filming this beautiful wedding! The fun, the romance, and family! Just imagine two big families from Malta coming together to celebrate a wedding!

Years ago, I used to live in Innisfail, Far North Queensland and worked with lots of Italian people. Way back then, we had a crash repair shop and so we met a lot of people who owned cane farms around the Innisfail and Tully area who wanted to get their cars repaired and painted. I remember one customer who would observe me painting the car, making sure I painted it ok! These were hard working, family oriented people. We had Italian friends, my dad had an Italian business partner, one of the panel beaters was Italian and I had a crush on an Italian girl at that time...although she already had a boyfriend so that did not work out.

When I met Natalie for the first time, she just reminded me of those wonderful people. Both Nathan and Natalie come from Malta (not quite Italy but pretty close!) and it was such a pleasure to observe and film their wedding day. The way the families came together, the fun and the love that was shown, the respect; and these people know how to party!

Nathan and Natalie, thank you both so much for allowing me to capture your beautiful day.

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The highlights...


Some stills from the movie...