Our Greatest Treasure

June 19, 2012

When I was younger, possessions and being popular with people was my goal; that car and then the house along with nice furniture and the latest gadgets (I love gadgets). Now of course, having these things is good, but that is just what they are...things

I remember having such a hang-up about my short stubby legs, and how I wanted them to be longer! Every time I buy trousers they have to be taken up...

I remember being so driven as a young man, to be liked and to be popular. But to be popular and look like someone straight out of a magazine are not valuable compared to what is really important:

Our family and friends are the true treasures of life. I doubt that people on their deathbed wished that they had more 'things'...no, what we are all longing for is family who love us unconditionally and friends who stick with us through thick and thin; that is true treasure!

I am increasingly asked to photograph families - I guess this is because photos are a permanent record of how we are now, and in the future we will look back and laugh at the hairstyles and out-of-fashion clothes. Our children grow up and they will have a photographic record of how things were 'back then'

One thing we all appreciate when we look at the family image is the people in it; our loved ones - our partners and our children...

This is my sister and her family in New Zealand...


Have some fun with your kids and enjoy their company; Maybe tell you partner once again that you love them. Because 'things' come and go and change, but your family is your greatest treasure!

If you would like family photographs done, just contact me - robert@robertcommandeur.com.au

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