The Power of a Captured Moment

April 30, 2012

My passion is that people from all walks of life, relive their special moments through the medium of photography

Like spending time with your partner and capturing those fun and intimate moments, or playing with the kids and dogs...or maybe putting on that nice makeup and capturing some beautiful portrait photos...or those moments captured when you stood in front of the celebrant, anticipating spending the rest of your life with the person standing next to you...or maybe those special moments with your parents as they get older...

Just recently, my mum sadly passed away....she was diagnosed with a disease for which there was no cure - I am the oldest of eight kids, and we all wanted to be around her. My youngest sister Jessica captured this moment when I kissed my mum; this was about 5 months before mum passed away...I will treasure this image always because when I see the photo I am instantly there, instantly reminded of her love for me and celebrating her life...


photo - courtesy Jessica Jones Photography

Images like this are wonderful reminders - very powerful indeed...

Increasingly, people have asked me to photograph their parents...if you have been thinking about it, now is the time to act; go ahead, feel free to contact me. I am looking forward to hear from you:)

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