A very glamorous Makeup Artist

May 7, 2014

Emily makes women very beautiful with her makeup, as she is a great Makeup Artist...today, she looked incredible as she was photographed in a very glamorous way!

I am always amazed how women look when for just a few hours, they allow themselves to shine and be beautiful.



Some people think it is difficult to look beautiful. But if you will just give yourself permission to look and be beautiful, the rest is easy - all you need to do is just shine! Emily is a busy mum with two beautiful girls, as well as working in her own business as a Makeup Artist here in Hervey Bay. I was so glad I had the chance to photograph her!

My daughter Abby worked hard to make these tulle dresses, and she did a great job:)




Emily, it was an absolute pleasure to photograph you. You look simply amazing...

If you would like to be photographed in this beautiful way, all you need to do is phone 0412839530 or email me robert@robertcommandeur.com.au


You can find Emily at www.makeemup.com.au