Why I love glamour photography

February 7, 2014

One of the favorite things I like to do, is make people feel good about themselves...

There is such an incredible pressure from the media to look a certain way; for instance, look at any popular woman's magazine and you will find unrealistic, photoshopped models with perfect symetrical features which in reality are reserved for the few genetically gifted people in this world.

For the rest of us, we are stuck with our imperfect skin, asymetrical features and 'bumps' at various places on our bodies which we would gladly do without!

As a result, so many woman feel very 'un' photogenic, and do not feel beautiful at all because of the media images that are so often portrayed...

The main reason why I love glamour photography is because of how it makes woman feel after they see themselves when they are photographed. I am constantly amazed and thrilled by their expression of joy when I show them how they really look. Glamour photography is showing the same person from a different perspective - it is where you are allowed to shine and feel beautiful - because you are.

I would like to encourage any woman (and man) to accept the fact that there is only one of you - how boring and bland would this world be, if we all looked the same!

If you would like to be photographed in this beautiful way,

Folio packages start at $960 and prints start at $155

You will also receive a digital image for every print you buy on a CD or USB

Gift vouchers are available for a friend, your mum, your girlfriend, or your wife (or even husband!)

This package does not include travel outside the Bundaberg QLD area.











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