The Wilson Family

February 5, 2015

This family just loves the beach! It was a busy afternoon filming and photographing this beautiful family but very rewarding.

The thing is...I really like people and love capturing them where they are, and how they are. The Wilsons were no exception - they are down to earth, real, with loads of energy and fun...


The Wilson Family from Robert Commandeur Cinematography on Vimeo.

This is Emily - a great mum and also a very talented MUA (that means Make Up Artist - just in case you were wondering). She is one of those people that are so easy to get along with and tells it like it is :)


This family just loves the beach In Hervey Bay... 


The kids are pretty adorable as well - full of energy, fun and filled with gorgeousness - if there is such a word...


I think mum and dad are cute too - seriously nice couple right there.


Then there is little Frankie :)


...and more cuteness...


If you would like me to film and photograph your family this way, feel free to contact me and I would l.o.v.e to capture your family in motion! Thank you Emily and Heath for giving me the absolute pleasure of photographing and filming your beautiful family - absolutely loved it!