There is just so much that happens in life; not the least of which is the passing of time. We get married, have kids, and then see those kids grow up into primary and then the high school years. It is not too long after that when our children have children of their own!

We have four children and currently have four grand children (although that number will change, no doubt!)

Over the years, we have captured all of those times with film. Our wedding back in 1981 was filmed when VHS first came out. Needless to say, that film is priceless to us. These are the 'life moments' that take place, even as time is passing so quickly. I guess I can say this with some authority, as I am (at this time of writing) 57 years young!

My passion is to document your story through film. I love filming weddings - that one special day, that life event - and handcrafting those memories into a film for the bride and groom. All the fun, the family and friends, that first kiss as husband and wife, and all the dancing and partying afterwards. This wedding film can be watched time and time again (with the kids and even grandkids!)

I film families - kids playing with their toys and pets, having fun with mum and dad at home, or the great outdoors...

Weddings, family times and moments...when you watch the film, you are there.

I would love to hear from you and film your story thus far. Please feel free to contact me.